Community Outreach

Ohio Freemasonry is much more than just a social organization providing support for our fellow Brothers. Our core values emphasize the importance of giving back goes much further beyond our community and into other organizations in need. The Grand Lodge of Ohio's Masonic Charities embody the dedication Ohio Masons have to improving the lives of those less fortunate and the communities around us.

For Our Children

We have 5 programs to help your children:

  1. DeMolay
  2. Rainbow Girls
  3. Jobs Daughters
  4. Student Assistant Program
  5. Scholarships


DeMolay, the premier international youth leadership organization, strives to shape young men into leaders of character. By epitomizing timeless values, and accepting the challenge of leadership – both of character and of action – the young men of DeMolay transform themselves into citizens of the highest caliber. Our members take ownership of their DeMolay experience – from generating ideas, planning events, coordinating logistics, and executing their plans, each DeMolay Chapter is responsible for defining their success. All of this is accomplished under the mentorship of trained Advisors, selected from the local community, enabling each Chapter to be uniquely tailored to support the interests of its members. Ohio DeMolay has been a vital part of this international organization for over 100 years and continues to be a leader in programming and membership.


Rainbow is a nonprofit organization for young women and is designed to promote personal growth, fellowship, and charity. In addition to learning valuable character building lessons, Rainbow affords excellent leadership experience, public speaking opportunities, study skills, and organizational techniques. Each of our 850 Assemblies across the world are organizing service projects and social events around their bi-annual terms of office. The members of the Assembly appoint and elect their officers to lead them toward their goals. Friendships made through Rainbow are lasting, not only from your own Assembly but throughout the state and around the world.

Job's Daughters

Job's Daughters is a premier leadership and service group for girls and young women. We provide scholarship opportunities and encourage fun, friendship, leadership, love of family & country, community service, and self confidence. Our members range in age from 10 to 20 years old. We are a fun leadership group for young women and can't wait to meet you! Young ladies 9 and under can join our Jobie to Bee Program.


The Masonic Model Student Assistance Program (MMSAP) enables core teams of faculty and staff to effectively identify and refer at-risk youth. This three-day intensive training seminar is provided to local schools by the Freemasons of Ohio.

MMSAP teaches each core team how to work with other personnel at their school to identify youth at risk, gather the necessary information about the child, and develop a school-based action plan. Each plan is tailored to the specific needs of the individual. MMSAP provides specific strategies for identification and intervention in the areas of academics, health, behavior and attendance.

The Masonic Model Workshops are taught by staff from the National Masonic Foundation for Children.


The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Ohio offers an average of three training sessions per school year at no cost to the participants. To register for an announced session, complete the MMSAP Registration Form. Fax the form to the Grand Lodge: (614) 885-5319.

If a school is interested in hosting an MMSAP workshop, it should contact the Grand Lodge regarding topic and scheduling. Office staff will put the school in touch with the state MMSAP Coordinator.


Scholarships from the Grand Lodge of Ohio Charitable Foundation are distributed to young men and women throughout Ohio's twenty-five masonic districts. The recipient must be a graduating high school senior. Applicants do not need to be related to an Ohio Freemason to be considered.

Download and complete the Application, which is a fillable pdf form.

Submit the completed application and supporting documents to the Scholarship Chairman for your county.

Please review instructions on completing the year's new requirement that the student must complete a FAFSA application and receive a Student Aid Report (SAR), which lists the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) on the first page. Applicants must provide the first page of the SAR with their application, and this figure will be used in the determination of financial need.

The completed application must be mailed to the scholarship chairman for your district.

For Our Elderly

We have 2 programs to help your Elderly:

  1. Veterans & First Responders
  2. Masonic Home

Veterans & First Responders

Veterans and First Responders lead the way to keep our country safe and free. We can rest each night with the comfort of knowing these brave souls stand ready to aid and protect and defend every man, woman and child of this great nation.

Your contributions will be used to support these men and women with needed equipment and supplies to perform their job as well as special equipment needs for patients in our veterans' hospitals. Through this special fund, Ohio Freemasons give proudly to thank our Veterans and First Responders for their service.

Ohio Masonic Home

The Ohio Masonic Home, known to many Ohio Masons as "our greatest charity," serves as the trusted partner to help people age respectfully, giving seniors the option to remain independent while enjoying an active lifestyle. It was founded over 125 years ago by the Grand Lodge, the York Rite, and the Scottish Rite. Today it operates as an independent corporation with representatives of these Masonic organizations sitting on its board.

Campuses, located in Springfield, Waterville and Medina, Ohio, offer the opportunity to maintain an independent lifestyle without worry, with the following services:

  • Independent Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Skilled Nursing Care
  • Rehabilitation & Therapy
  • Memory Care

In earlier years, the Ohio Masonic Home was thought of as a place to go if you did not have money or your health would not let you live independently. Today, it is so much more. It is a community for living well and enjoying your senior years. Help is there if needed, but most residents live independent, productive lives.

Masonic Home Resource Center (Toll Free at 877-881-1623)

Many people aren't fond of the idea of moving to a retirement community away from friends and family; they want to stay in the comfort of their own homes. To help make this basic desire possible, the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center provides all manner of assistance to members of the Masonic family and Ohioans alike, targeting financial, social, and clinical needs. The Resource center is staffed by knowledgeable staff, trained in social work and benefits services, focusing on helping those receive the care and resources they need in the best location, whether that be their home, one of The Ohio Masonic Home campuses, or elsewhere.


  • Answer questions about aging and general wellness
  • Assist in questions around Medicare/Medicaid and other healthcare insurances
  • Help obtain products or services that assist in independent living
  • Coordinate with local programs that offer meals or transportation
  • Connect individuals with best possible accommodations, including a nearby Ohio Masonic Home campus
  • Connect people to home health, hospice, or home-based medical services
  • Provide connections to appropriate local agencies or caregiving resources

For Our Fellow Brothers

We have 1 program to help your fellow masonic brothers:

  1. Masonic Relief Fund

Masonic Relief Fund

The Grand Lodge of Ohio Charitable Foundation was formed by Grand Master Thomas D. Zahler in 1994 in order to support one of the most valued tenets of Freemasonry: Relief. This fund is designed to help Masons help Masons. Whether it be sickness, storms or even the passing of a brother, The Masonic Relief Fund makes it possible for Ohio Masons to not only be there in spirit, but to help shoulder some of the burden financially.


All requests for Masonic Relief begin at the local lodge. If the lodge cannot take care of the need on its own, it may request help from the Foundation through the District Deputy Grand Master. Generally, a decision can be made in a matter of hours. Lodges should direct any questions directly to their District Deputy Grand Master.